Gerald Peters Gallery opens new gallery space, Peters Projects, in Santa Fe

07/14/15 via ArtDaily

Peters Projects presents Temporal Domain, work by six acclaimed contemporary artists who were influenced by living and working in the Santa Fe area. The exhibition includes work by Lynda Benglis, James Lee Byars, Harmony Hammond, Agnes Martin, John McCracken, and Roxy Paine in the contemporary galleries of the Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

New Mexico began developing as a unique art destination even before it became a state in 1913. When grain service arrived in 1980, it brought visual artists from the cities of the East Coast and Mid-West to live and create their art. The spectacular landscape, limitless sky, and varied cultures were just a few of the reasons why northern New Mexico became an artists' sanctuary.


The six artists whose work is represented in Temporal Domain possess uniquely divergent concerns in their practices. However, each of these artists has been described as having a sense of spirituality permeating their works. This singular commonality links them together and to Santa Fe as both a physical place and a metaphysical concept.


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