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Peters Projects of Santa Fe is pleased to present American Portrait, an exhibition of reflective imagery in graphite on paper by El Paso artist Fernando Andrade.

Andrade’s 2017 exhibition La Patria (Homeland) captured the emotion of growing up on the border of Texas and Mexico, straight from the heart of El Paso. Andrade’s current exhibition American Portrait” continues his sensitive storytelling in flowing graphite on paper.

As the artist states: I wanted to create a portrait of my father in a nontraditional way by drawing tools from his garage, some which he’s had over 25 years, each carrying their own history. I remember helping him with construction jobs every summer break in the Texas heat. As I got older, my appreciation grew for the sacrifices my parents made to provide a better future. Glancing at the current political climate of the United States and how the word American seems to have different meanings, I chose to use distressed tools and old structures as a representation of time. Tangible reminders of what our ancestors have sacrificed to give us a better future and to continue in the path to leave, America, a better place for generations to come.”

Earlier this year Andrade’s created twelve 8 x 5 foot graphite murals on paper for his exhibition Muros/Walls at the Central Library Gallery in El Paso that astounded visitors. Critic Marco Aquino of the San Antonio Current wrote: In his representation of people from different walks of life, Andrade emphasizes their basic humanity. Isolation, mental health and the loss of loved ones are all universal issues — barriers or boundaries we must overcome.

For inquiries, please contact Mark Del Vecchio, Director, mark@petersprojects.com, (505)-954-5762