exhibited Works

Considered one of America’s leading contemporary realists, Daniel Sprick’s subjects range from extraordinarily realistic portraits to hauntingly contemplative still lifes and urban light filled landscapes. His paintings are wholly contemporary, and subtly blur the line between realism and abstraction.

For his portrait subjects, Sprick has never been attracted to conventional beauty; he instead presents an all embracing view of the human condition, turning his attention to subjects from diverse walks of life and highlighting the non-traditional beauty within each. 
Sprick’s exquisite, hyper- realist still lifes recall the Dutch and Flemish traditions.  Intimate domestic interiors are infused with an element of the divine. From an empty chair in an abandoned artist’s studio in The Old Studio to an unfinished chocolate bar in 2015’s Chocolate; each object is equally suffused in a quiet, sacred glow. 

Born in 1953 in Little Rock, Arkansas, Sprick currently lives and works in Denver, CO. Museum shows of his work include the Museum of Outdoor Art in Englewood, Colorado; the Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, Tennessee; the Evansville Museum of Art and Science, Indiana; and the Denver Art Museum. Sprick’s work is represented in numerous public collections, among them the Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock; the Denver Art Museum; and the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C. An articulate spokesman about the nature of art and his own work, Sprick is the subject of a PBS documentary that is currently in progress.