Peters Projects is pleased to present a solo exhibition featuring the artwork of artist Duncan Chamberlain. The exhibition will be on view at Peters Projects from June 2 to July 1, 2017. Peters Projects will host an opening reception with the artist present on Friday, June 2, 5-7 pm.

NEW WORK includes sculptures and wall collages made out of welded aluminum. The new work includes the artist’s signature mark-making using a hand grinder. Duncan Chamberlain, son of legendary sculptor John Chamberlain, began working as a laborer/mason in early adulthood, mixing mud in a wheelbarrow, hauling and laying block and brick, and building fireplaces in Santa Fe. As Duncan remembers, “Trowel work and stone work, that’s a lot of fitting. Looking back, it seemed natural for me to fit things together, artistically.” The artist worked for his father in New York City when the important artists of the 60’s left a mark in American art, like Andy Warhol, John Cage and Frank Stella. Duncan Chamberlain creates with the idea of chance in mind, including titling his work from his poetry notebook.

Twenty-five years of working side by side with his father, Duncan Chamberlain learned first hand from masters of metal cutting, welding and fabricating, which ultimately helped influence his own inimitable style and medium in sculpture.  “Sometimes I would dumpster dive, but I really don’t do that anymore. I would get a lot of scrap steel from these places.” Eventually aluminum became his medium and his muse. The artist calls them “aluminum canvases.”

In Duncan Chamberlain’s NEW WORK he has remarked, “It’s in the light.” Director of Peters Projects believes this new body of work is contemplative and graceful, and when the movement of natural light strikes the sculptures, they dance.