exhibited Works

Gustavo Pérez’s art suggests a wide range of influences, from Modernist sculpture to the ancestral traditions of Asia and Meso-America. Whatever the influences, they are fully absorbed and made his own.

“Pre-Hispanic art is part of my background, of course. How it becomes a part of my work, how it influences it, I don’t know and I really don’t care to know. It is in my subconscious as so many other images and works of art from the world. Things that I love. They have been growing in my mind for years. Maybe I had one idea when I was five years old and it took fifty years to come out as a form, as a drawing. I think I have a huge cocktail of “influences,” including architecture, dance, literature, music — all of these must have influenced my work. But as I said before, creating is for me impossible to really explain, it happens, that is all I know … It has been said that I love working, I guess it is true. I do enjoy people, but I enjoy clay so much more. My clay is my life.” (from an interview with Mayer Shacter)

Gustavo Pérez’s work is in numerous private and public collections including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles; Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach; Racine Art Museum, Racine; The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; The Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, Mexico; The Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Shiga, Japan; The Museum of Fine Arts, Quebec, Canada; Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany.


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