exhibited Works

Represented by Peters Projects

James Marshall breaks the mold with arresting forms and dynamic color amalgamations that challenge conventional concepts of dimensionality: Volumes become freestanding planes. Solids become molten flowing mass. Contour defines the surrounding space beyond the object itself. The ambiguities of the shapes tease the viewers’ sense of recognition, while engaging the right brain in a mischievous plasticity of form. The sophisticated boldness of these unique ceramic sculptures prevails as the essential expression: They seem to emerge from the surface upon which they rest, and suggest a stealth albeit sentinel presence.

As Marshall explains, “What motivates me is the question: When does an ordinary object move into other dimensions? It is this unidentified dimension of a form that intrigues me the most. This leaves the work open to multiple interpretations.”
A well-known and celebrated Santa Fe artist, Marshall has worked in clay for over 30 years and has established himself as an innovator in the world of sculpture. In his latest body of work, the artist reinvents his signature glazing techniques, which appear monochromatic from a distance and then reveal great chromatic depth and variation with proximity. The forms maintain the subtle whimsical aesthetic that sets him apart from other sculptors.

For inquiries, please contact Mark Del Vecchio, Program Director of Ceramics & Design, mark@petersprojects.com, (505)-954-5800