Exhibited Works

Peters Projects of Santa Fe is pleased to present Interstitial, an exhibition of seven new sculptures by renowned Santa Fe artist Joel Hobbie.

Hobbies’ 2017 and 2018 exhibitions at Peters Projects brought a unique and powerful voice to the gallery, changing the perception of space and engagement. Evolving technologies merge with Hobbies’ artistic thought process to create an interactive experience that places the viewer at the center of mechanical and organic polarities.  

Hobbie explains, “Interstitial fuses the spaces of cosmic and microscopic worlds together in an environment where the viewer becomes the catalyst in the joining of spaces together. The space between the event horizon and the singularity of a black hole. The space between on and off. The space between land and the deepest ocean trench. The space between individual components of DNA. The space between the neurons in our brains.”

The exhibition will consist of seven new works created this past year and held back from viewing specifically for this exhibition.  Far more advanced both technically and conceptually, Hobbie has brought a mechanical world all his own that has to be experienced to be understood.

For more information, contact Mark Del Vecchio, Director, 505.954.5748, or mark@petersprojects.com.