Exhibited Works

Artist Kent Monkman is a Canadian First Nations artist of Cree and Irish ancestry. This exhibit is the premier installation of the program with currents works that examine how the West has appropriated methods and imagery and borrowed perspectives from Indigenous peoples, through painting, installations and performance art.

Utilizing an enhanced realism, humor and satire, this body of work examines urban life and the way Indigenous Ameri­can and Canadian history has been presented in art by European, Early Christian and Renaissance artists, as well as 20stCentury artists such as Picasso and Francis Bacon, and, as Monkman states, “constructs new stories through images that take into account the missing narratives and perspectives of Aboriginal peoples.” His work also explores the tensions inherent in modern dialogues about gender, race, sexual identity and culture.

Included in this catalog is a series of video works that superimpose live action figures on paintings of classic early Greek and Roman architecture and landscape. Kent Monkman portrays Miss Chief Testicle as his alter ego figure, as well as the protagonist, seer, and provocateur: characters in his mini-movies.

Failure of Modernity is the inaugural exhibit of a broader thematic program entitled Outside In, a year-long exploration of indigenous influences on 20th century art. Outside-In includes a lecture series at Peters Projects with invited keynote speakers discussing critical issues in contemporary art about reclaiming place in the West. The first in this series, was a Question and Answer with art historian, Lucy R.Lippard and Kent Monkman.


Video: Q&A With Kent Monkman & Lucy R. Lippard