exhibited Works

Peters Projects is pleased to present Ligia Bouton: The Cage Went in Search of a Bird, July 1-August 6, 2016, with an opening reception on Friday, July 1, 5-7 pm.  In her first solo exhibition at Peters Projects, Bouton will be showing all new work from her residency at Bullseye Glass. Peters Projects will be hosting an artist talk with Ligia Bouton on Saturday, July 2nd, at 11 am. 

The Cage Went in Search of a Bird explores how tuberculosis captured America and Europe’s collective cultural imagination during the 19th century, creating an image of an illness that affected both the body and the spirit. A person who was consumptive could have been terminally ill with a deeply debilitating bacterial, or could have been someone who was simply solitary and artistic. Ultimately, many artists and writers were considered consumptive whether or not they were, as the illness infected the 19th century romantic and artistic imagination as thoroughly as it did the body.  As a result, much of the medical apparatus and treatments developed at this time display an imaginative resonance that goes far beyond medical reality. It was perceived that the spirit was in peril at the same time the body ailed.

This exhibition imagines a conversation between Charlotte Bronte and Franz Kafka, who were both diagnosed with tuberculosis, (even though in Charlotte’s case, it was assumed incorrect.) The exhibit will interweave excerpts from texts and letters by the two authors that explore how the soul might communicate with a body under siege.

The exhibit culminates in an interactive installation where the human breath triggers an experience of sound and text within an environment of glass objects, video, photographs and large-scale drawings. The work accentuates the medium of glass due to its ability to be shaped and formed by human breath.