exhibited Works

Peters Projects is pleased to present Innovation & Collaboration, an exhibition of artwork made by Magnolia Editions opening Friday, May 13th, 2016 with an opening reception from 5-7 pm.

Since 1981, under the direction of Don and Era Farnsworth, Magnolia Editions has been on the front lines of innovation, collaboration, and advocacy for timely and pressing social and political issues.

Known primarily as a leading printmaking studio, Magnolia’s signature experimental style has them working shoulder to shoulder with renowned artists from around the world, eager to explore new directions and push the boundaries of art and technology to produce innovative and provocative works.

In Innovation & Collaboration, we see Magnolia’s prodigious innovative output visible through its experimentation with art-making technology, such as etching and intaglio printing, digital printing onto unusual and surprising substrates, digital photogravure methods, and projects merging painting and printmaking.  Beginning in the 1990’s, Magnolia furthered its reputation for invention through its Jacquard tapestry editions, bringing a spirit of creative vigor and fresh energy to an old-world tradition of weaving.  A unique set of proprietary color- matching techniques developed by Magnolia, digitally direct electronic looms in Belgium, putting an industrial technology in the service of contemporary artists.

Magnolia’s embrace of technology encompasses much of human invention over the last 20,000 years, not just the latest updates from Apple or Adobe. Within the exhibition, one can come to the conclusion that there is more to printing than “digital.”  If by “digital” one means that a computerized process was involved in the object’s fabrication, then nearly everything in our modern world qualifies: the clothes we are wearing right now are probably “digital.” In Farnsworth’s world, without a context that locates computerized technologies as part of a larger, ongoing historical continuum, the word loses much of its meaning.