Exhibited Works

Peters Projects of Santa Fe is pleased to present their first solo exhibition of work by photographer Robert Welkie. Anthroposcenic: Fire, will open Friday, June 8 with a reception from 5-7pm.

Born in Logan, Utah, Welkie studied in the Photography Department at the University of Arizona before leaving the art world, diverting to a profession in filmmaking and business. After a long term hiatus from photography, Welkie returned to the lens in 2008, and eventually created a body of work that is affecting and meaningful as it is pertinent to our time.

The title of the collection draws from the term “Anthropocene,” our current geological age which transitioned from the Haloscene epoch in 2016, at the suggestion of the International Geological Congress. The Anthropocene period is viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment. While human innovation is an often beneficial and exciting development, there are very real consequences we face from a rapidly changing world. No matter the influence, there is an ever-present abundance of wildfires brutalizing the United States, and they seem to get closer and closer to our neighborhoods and homes.    

“My work draws on the tradition of responding to and portraying beauty in nature that started with cave paintings and has been important in all of the history of art since. What differentiates it from the long history of illustrious predicating work is that my work looks to beauty in the transition. I reach to the traditions in both painting and photography that have found beauty in representing nature to present what is today.”

While an image of a forest fire might be initially disturbing, Welkie’s photographs indeed find an atmospheric beauty in the destruction through his softly focused lens and acute eye for color. The exhibition will run June 8th through August 25th, 2018.

For more information please contact Amanda Malloy, Assistant Directory, 505-954-5801, amanda@petersprojects.com