Exhibited Works

Peters Projects of Santa Fe is proud to announce Very Distant Sites, an exhibition of steel sculptures and paintings by internationally renowned artist Victoria Bell.

A career spanning 5 decades, Chicago born Bell continues to explore her personal language of line, space and mass. Previous exhibitions at the gallery have included her massive steel and wood sculptures fashioned with hand tools, such as 2-meter-long saw blades, axes, chisels, and Scotch-eyed augers, offering an understanding of nature and mass that overwhelmed the viewer with both scale and volume. 

Very Distant Sites is an exhibition of new works by Bell that carries the same personal information but has changed the materials to only steel rod, stainless steel rod, wire mesh and binding wire. Bell has created “line drawings in space” using the same volume of mass as her earlier sculptures but with a completely different experience of traveling lines. The material choice charges a reactive eye as you follow the metal rods moving in vivacious strokes, suddenly stopping and then twisting around. Also on view are recent paintings carrying the same information of time and space but with a color usage that pays homage to the artist's 77 years in the arts.

Bell has studios in Cologne, Germany and Moriarty, New Mexico, and her work is in numerous National and international collections including Kolumba Museum of Art, Cologne, Germany; Stadt Wesel, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany; Collection Doberman, Normandy, France; and the Finanzamt in Duisburg-West, Duisburg, Germany.

For more information, contact Mark Del Vecchio, Director, 505.954.5748, or mark@petersprojects.com.