Exhibited Works

Peters Projects Director Mark Del Vecchio has curated VISCERAL CLAY: look don’t touch, an exhibition of sculpture by six international artists working in clay, opening Friday, March 29, 5-7pm.

Del Vecchio joined the gallery in 2016 as Director and Curator, bringing his expertise of Ceramic Art to the exhibition roster. Del Vecchio has reached out to six artists selected for their immediate visceral edge - something you feel in the pit of your stomach, defying the intellect and leaving you with an emotional reaction.

“Ceramics are ubiquitous in the Art World today” states Del Vecchio. “Artists are creating unique and curious works beyond the usual thought of what ceramics can be. Materials have evolved, processes have changed and in the hands of contemporary artists, new works are born every day. This exhibition gives the viewer unexpected sensations as the eye drifts across the sculptures, catching on their surfaces, colors and shapes. The organic and amorphic qualities in all these works speak to you only on their terms, with no place to escape.” 

Artists in the exhibition are Anne-Marie Laureys and King Houndekpinkoufrom France, Aneta Regal from Poland, and Americans: The Haas BrothersTony Marsh and Hank Saxe.

For more information, contact Mark Del Vecchio, Director, 505.954.5748, or mark@petersprojects.com.